Hey there! Welcome to the new Roundhouse Recruitment website, where you’ll find all of the resources you need to find suitable employment.

In case you didn’t know, Roundhouse Recruitment is a student recruitment service designed to help you find part-time employment alongside your studies, and if you choose, full-time employment once you’ve completed your course. We also offer advice and guidance on apprenticeships too.

So what’s new? Across our new website, you’ll find the following;

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How to write a professional CV

Writing a curriculum vitae (CV) may seem like a challenging task, however, it is essential to finding a job, and it’s where you should begin in your job search.

A CV is a helpful way of presenting your experience, skills and qualifications in formal writing, clearly and concisely. It is a chance to ‘sell yourself’ to an employer. There is no right or wrong way of writing a CV however, there are a few guidelines which should be followed to ensure you have all the vital information.

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How to ace your interview

So, you’ve applied for the job and have been offered an interview – congratulations! Now you should consider investing some time to prepare yourself for the interview ahead.

The key to effective interviewing is to project confidence, stay positive, and be able to share examples of your workplace skills and your qualifications suitable for the job.

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Using Social Media to Find Work

Social media platforms are a great tool for job searching as many employers use social media to advertise their latest vacancies.

Here are our top tips for using social media to find work:

· Create a LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is essentially an online CV/portfolio, providing you with a platform to demonstrate your skills and experience whilst allowing employers to screen potential candidates. Although it should not be a replica of your CV, it will have all the vital information you would like an employer to see. Pick your most professional head-shot, and a relevant headline and you’re ready to go.

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Decoding interview questions

Employers use interviews to evaluate how well you match the job specification; they also allow you to ensure that the organisation is a good fit.

Your CV and/or application will have provided the employer with an indication of your qualities and skills, but you must confirm in person that you have the skills and experience to successfully perform in the role. It’s inevitable that you’ll get some questions from the employer in your interview. Therefore, it is essential to prepare answers to some common interview questions.

These questions will come up at any interview, regardless to the job role, position and company you apply to. So, we’ve included a couple of common questions to help you understand what the recruiter is really asking and how you should answer.

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Questions to ask at an interview

Your interview is going well. You've answered all the recruiter's questions confidently and related your responses back to the job description. As the interview comes to a close, one of the final questions may be, 'Do you have any questions?’ To be in with a chance of securing a job, answer yes!

Good interview questions to ask the employer include:

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